Business Administration

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Business Administration

Diploma and Bachelor of Business Administration program from Lincoln is designed to help the students to acquire academic and technical skills, so that they are able to create job for themselves or to take up managerial roles in the future. Lincoln strives to provide the graduate students with adequate knowledge of business and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas. This learning will help the students to be a successful CEO in their Businesses.

The aims for the proposed programme are as follows:
1. Ability to acquire knowledge in business and economics that will help the graduates to compete at the global level as managers and executives.
2. To produce proactive graduates, who are knowledgeable as well as aware about the current issues of business and economics.
3. To produce graduates with the capability to integrate and apply the latest technology in organizational management.
4. To contribute to the country’s development by producing graduates that fulfills the requirement of both private and public sectors.
5. To allow the students to share their knowledge of business and economics with students of other schools in this university college, to produce well-prepared graduates.
6. To develop physical fitness, so that the students emerge as disciplined individuals.

Graduate as Job Creator not Job Seeker Curriculum and Qualification Migration and international job opportunity
It has always the culture in Nigeria for students of banking and finance to Graduate without the required skill to work in a good competitive company or to be creative or to be self employed,
Recent report shows that Banks in Nigeria hardly employ people with Banking related certifications. They prefer cheap labor by hiring unskilled staff from unrelated fields and training them themselves.
In Lincoln you can be rest assure that our graduate will be trained and equipped with the skill required to help them to create their own business and create jobs
• Dual Certification from Lincoln Nigeria and Lincoln Malaysia
• 80% Practical 20% Theoretical
• Solution Driven Courses
• Recognition Worldwide
• Flexible Payment options
• Empowering Students with Practical projects and excursions
• Empowering student on research project to solve problems
• Availability of modern technical study equipment
• Access to foreign lecturers and Professionals.
• Our student will be able to Transfer their study after two Years to our main campus in Malaysia or Our partner in UK, USA, Canada, and Europe.
• Access to foreign lecturers and Professionals.
• Opportunity for internship abroad
SSCE , WAEC, NECO , or related diploma.
Intake: January, May, September.