Information Technology

Program Description

Information Technology

This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated. The course focuses on scientific and technical areas related to software, network, web, database and internet services, along with areas such as management, communications and human behavior. The student through this course will gain in-depth knowledge and be prepared for jobs in the information technology profession. In addition, graduates will display effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment and ethical and social understanding.

The program aims to give knowledge with depth and accuracy of the impact of information technology within an organization, with society at large, and a detailed appreciation of the impact of information technology on the global scale. The students are taught to achieve their academic goals by engaging in scholarly activities related to economic development of the region through partnerships with industry, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The objective is to apply the knowledge to help the society to develop in a positive way.

Best Job opportunities Annual salary Scheme Migration and international job opportunity Constant innovation for solving problem
According to the report from US Government, it is predicted that this year 2020, there will be over 1.4 million computers Science related jobs available and only about 400,000 computer Science graduates who have the skills would fill the vacant positions. A software engineer’s annual salary range from USD 66, 130 to USD 225,000 depending on the specialization Computer software engineering profession is one of the lucrative and most needed job in every country, that warrant every organization both private and government in constant search for expert in this profession. Our graduate will have opportunity to migrate to US, Canada UK and Europe through this profession The profession is all about creating technology solution for all kind of problems wherever needed. Experience the joy and adventure to solve problems for the benefit of humanity.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field is expected to grow to over 11 percent from 2014 – 2024- that is faster than any other occupation. WHAT ARE WAITING FOR? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated a median income of $84,580 for these positions as at 2017, which is more than double the national average.

SSCE , WAEC, NECO , or related diploma

Award: Dual Certificate (Lincoln Nigeria and Lincoln University college Malaysia)