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By: P. Altus, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Fundamental Attribution Error: Another way that our attributions are often inaccurate is that we are skeletal muscle relaxants quiz 100 mg imitrex overnight delivery, by and large spasms vitamin deficiency imitrex 100 mg overnight delivery, too quick to attribute the behavior of others to something personal about them rather than to something about their situation. We are more likely to say, "Leslie left a big tip, so she must be generous" than "Leslie left a big tip, but perhaps that was because the service was really excellent. When you look at others, the person is your focus, and you are likely to make personal attributions about them. If the situation is reversed, such that you see situations from the perspectives of others, the fundamental attribution error is reduced (Storms, 1973). The tendency to make dispositional attributions (such as poor people are lazy) for the behaviors of others, even where situational When we judge people, we often see factors such as poor education and growing up in poverty might be them in only one situation. We are more likely to commit the fundamental attribution error when we are tired, distracted, or busy doing other things (Trope & Alfieri, 1997). An important moral about perceiving others applies here: We should not be too quick to judge other people. It is easy to think that poor people are lazy, that people who say something harsh are rude or unfriendly, and that all terrorists are insane madmen. These attributions may frequently overemphasize the role of the person, however, resulting in an inappropriate and inaccurate tendency to blame the victim (Lerner, 1980; Tennen & Affleck, 1990). Sometimes people are lazy and rude, and some terrorists are probably insane, but these people may also be influenced by the situation in which they find themselves. Poor people may find it more difficult to get work and education because of the environment they grow up in, people may say rude things because they are feeling threatened or are in pain, and terrorists may have learned in their family and school that committing violence in the service of their beliefs is justified. When you find yourself making strong dispositional attributions for the behaviors of others, stop and think more carefully and refrain from making the fundamental attribution error. We hold many thousands of attitudes, including those about family and friends, political parties and political figures, abortion rights, preferences for music, and much more. Attitudes are important because they frequently, but not always, predict behavior. People who are high in self-monitoring, act like social chameleons in that they change their behavior in response to social situations, and thus do not always act on their attitudes (Gangestad & Snyder, 2000). High self-monitors agree with statements such as, "In different situations and with different people, I often act like very different people. Low self-monitors are more likely to agree with statements such as, "I can only argue for ideas that I already believe. It makes sense that if you like the newest cell phone advertised, you will buy it, because your positive attitude toward the product influences your behavior. However, your attitudes toward that cell phone may become even more positive if you decide to buy it. Self-perception occurs when we use our own behavior as a guide to help us determine our own thoughts and feelings (Bem, 1972; Olson & Stone, 2005). Behavior also influences our attitudes through a more emotional process known as cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance refers to the discomfort we experience when we choose to behave in ways that we see as inconsistent to our attitudes (Festinger, 1957; Harmon-Jones & Mills, 1999). If we feel that we have wasted our time or acted against our own moral principles, we experience negative emotions (dissonance) and may change our attitudes about the behavior to reduce the negative feelings. You have just spent the last 60 minutes turning pegs on a large peg board a quarter of a turn. The experimenter tells you that the study concerned the effects of expectation on task performance and as you were in the control group you had not been told anything prior to completing the task. The experimenter is concerned because their research assistant is running late and the next subject has already arrived. This person is in the experimental group and the experimenter wonders if you could tell the next participant that the experiment was really interesting and enjoyable. The researcher explains that their budget is rather small, but for your effort they can give you a dollar. You agree to this and inform the next person about how interesting and enjoyable the study was. Before you finally leave you are asked to complete a questionnaire about the study and how much you enjoyed the study. Festinger and Carlsmith (1959) compared the ratings given by people who had been given only $1 to lie to those who were offered $20, or who were not asked to lie to the next person. Thus, there was no cognitive dissonance between $20 0 what they really felt about the -0.

The hull should be intact and free of damage caused by the hulling operation spasms of the larynx order imitrex toronto, insects spasms 1983 wikipedia order cheap imitrex line, or fungi. The "skin" of the kernel should be unbroken (free of damage caused during shelling or by insects or pathogens) and of uniform dark brown color. Kernels should have <8% moisture, but kernels with <4% moisture tend to be brittle and hard (Kader 1996). Currently over 95% of the California almond crop is sold as shelled products, but developing export markets include substantial interest in in-shell product. They determined composition of fats and sugars, described flavor notes and textural characteristics, and evaluated the ability to tolerate processing procedures and suitability for various products. Scientific Name and Introduction Prunus amygdalus is a member of the family Rosaceae. The sweet cultivated almond originated from bitter-seeded species that evolved in the deserts and foothills of central and southwest Asia. Almonds were first introduced to California through the missions, but the large commercial industry was built with trees brought by settlers from the Eastern United States that have thrived in the Mediterranean climate of the Central Valley of California (Kester and Ross 1996). The edible kernel (primarily two cotyledons whose cells are filled with oil bodies and a small embryo) is surrounded by a shell and hull tissue. Most of the fatty acids in almond oil (about 90%) are unsaturated, with the ratio of monounsaturated to diunsaturated ranging from 2:1 to almost 5:1 (Abdallah et al. There are hard- and soft-shell varieties; the soft-shell varieties are the basis of the industry. Nuts are dislodged from the tree by shaking and allowed to dry on the ground before being swept into windrows, picked up, and transported to the huller. If limited huller capacity leads to stockpiling of nuts, they will likely be covered and subjected to periodic fumigation to limit insect damage. Horticultural Maturity Indices Almond maturation can be monitored externally by evaluating the extent of hull dehiscence. In the absence of pressure from insects such as the naval orangeworm (Amyelois transitella), harvest can be delayed until the two halves of the hull are fully bent back to expose the shell. At this point, hulls readily separate and moisture content is low enough that nuts can be immediately picked up from the orchard floor. Nut maturation on a given tree is not uniform; development tends to be most rapid on the south and southwestern faces of the tree higher in the canopy. Thus, harvest should be matched to the time that the last nut on a tree has begun to split. Nut removal can be near maximum, and minor decreases in kernel size are acceptable due to reductions in insect damage (Connell et al. Early harvested nuts (hulls and kernels) contain more water than is acceptable and must be dried on the orchard floor for 1 to 2 weeks before they are picked up and hulled. Almonds should not be stored with commodities that have strong odors because their high lipid content allows them to readily absorb odors. The stability difference between in-shell nuts and shelled kernels was eliminated in 0. For the in-shell product, emphasized characteristics include the integrity, shape, and hardness of the shell as well as the brightness and uniformity of its color. Freedom from foreign material and signs of insect damage or decay are also important. Shelled almonds should be free of shell debris and foreign material and from insect or fungal damage. There are no documented responses to ethylene that might directly affect kernel quality. Optimum Storage Conditions the low water and high fat contents of the kernel make it relatively stable metabolically and able to tolerate low temperatures. Shelled nuts can be stored for about half as long as nuts in the shell (about 6 mo), and pieces for Respiration Rates the low water content of properly stored kernels makes them relatively inert metabolically. Physiological Disorders Two important quality problems of almond kernels are influenced by failure to maintain low water content. Harvested nuts are often stockpiled and fumigated to control naval orangeworm prior to hulling and shelling.

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The slowdown is 12 Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 Chapter 1: Dealing with Certain Uncertainties Exhibit 1-12 Primary City versus Suburb Growth-Large Metro Areas in Snow and Sun Belts 1 spasms in your sleep generic imitrex 100 mg with amex. So [instead of] just putting back the bridge spasms while pregnant buy generic imitrex online, [cities can] put back a bridge with an open space and maybe a stair and an overlook. River is the quintessential infrastructure of a singlepurpose project to convey water. While suburbs may outshine center cities for the next decade, few are predicting the outright demise of center cities. At the same time, gateway markets such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D. Smaller and midsized downtowns such as Des Moines, Knoxville, Greenville, and Portland, Maine, will continue to develop into lively, diverse, and affordable destinations. Cities will creatively address the public realm and continue to improve livability, spurred on in part by the very factors that are particular to suburban life. What we may be looking at now is the trend of the center city increasing more suburban benefits. Accelerating the Retail Transformation the retail property sector must right-size and reinvent. Nonetheless, people still purchase the vast majority of their retail products and services in stores, and some current setbacks will prove to be only temporary once it is safe to shop, socialize, and recreate. The industry, however, faces a painful shakeout as millions of small businesses and familiar national brands shutter their doors, shrinking the ranks of tenants for shopping centers and driving down occupancy and rents. Since peaking in 2000, department store sales have declined 40 percent while sales at the large discounters. Virtually every department store chain is struggling and shuttering stores, particularly the traditional midpriced brands that have anchored most malls in the United States. With their markets squeezed by discounters, fast fashion, and online retailers, these mall pillars are rapidly closing stores or going out of business altogether. The pandemic has been especially hard on restaurants and entertainment, ironically perhaps the best-performing industry segment in recent years. Indeed, most retail businesses that depend on social interaction have seen significant declines in revenue due to either government restrictions on how they operate or consumer reluctance to patronize physical stores in order to stay safe-or just to save money during uncertain times. Most retail lines-outside of grocers, drugstores, and home improvement-have experienced significant sales erosion to e-commerce. Wary of contracting the disease, or prevented from shopping in person due to mobility restrictions or forced store closures, consumers have had to do more of their shopping online for more types of goods than before the pandemic. But the pendulum is unlikely to swing all the way back to pre-pandemic levels now that so many more consumers have been exposed to the ease of shopping online. Moreover, retail sales are almost sure to fall again this autumn with the expiration of various federal income support programs that had been propping up consumer spending. Joblessness is still at historic levels, and millions of gig workers have experienced sharp income losses. Though overall retail sales this summer have returned to their pre-pandemic levels, that spending cannot be sustained absent additional government interventions. In any case, sales in physical stores are generally still well below prior levels. The vast majority of stores and shopping centers will not only survive but thrive-after some painful times and tough adjustments. Still, profound changes are in the offing, with countless stores closing for good and landlords grappling with how to preserve viable shopping centers or resurrect dying ones. Many of the issues are not new: an oversupply of retail space, much of it either obsolete or ill-conceived; a profusion of tired retail brands; and weak consumer demand due to anemic income growth and spending patterns shifting away from the types of products and services sold in stores. All this, plus e-commerce has been capturing an ever-greater share of retail spending. With all these challenges, it is no wonder that retail ranked last in investment prospects among the six major commercial property types for the fourth consecutive year.

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It is also expected that outdoor malls and big-box grocers will move to a combination of logistics and fulfillment to deal with last-mile delivery spasms sphincter of oddi buy generic imitrex from india. While housing starts in Montreal have rebounded from the sharp drop in activity at the height of the pandemic muscle relaxant 114 buy genuine imitrex online, they are still expected to fall by 1. This downward trend is expected to continue next year, with housing starts set to fall a further 7 percent. The industrial category is extremely bullish, with cap rates declining and rents going up. Low vacancy rates, coupled with limited availability, are pushing net rental rates to all-time highs. Colliers noted that the market slowed down slightly in the second quarter of 2020, reflected in an increased availability rate of 2. Interviewees expect organizations to carefully review their office footprints to accommodate physical distancing and work-fromhome strategies. Many interviewees said that they were being cautious in regard to this asset class. While starts are expected to soften somewhat, interviewees say that both condominium and single-family residential activity has not slowed at all. Product is selling, there is growth in townhomes, and the resale market is still hot. Office is still strong in Ottawa, fueled by the federal government (although there are questions about how government will incorporate remote workers in the long term). While the government has rented a large portion of class B and C space for the past 50 years, it is looking to occupy class A properties (or retrofitted class B space) in the future. One interviewee said that there is no demand for much of that older class B and C office space- and not much interest in converting it either. Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 99 Exhibit 4-18 Forecast Economic Indicators by City, 2021 Total employment growth 4. Demand is outstripping local zoning regulations, and the question remains if and how the city will adjust. Despite this, interviewees said that the housing market is "extremely hot," with single-family residential homes selling above listing price. Population growth due to migration is also boosting the market for purpose-built rental housing, which is seeing significant construction activity both downtown and in the surrounding areas. On the leasing side, a lot of commercial tenants are looking to renew their terms, knowing the market is in their favor. The Halifax industrial market recorded 35,180 square feet of positive net absorption in the second quarter of 2020, according to Colliers, with the vacancy rate dropping to 8. With supply chain issues that came to light at the start of the pandemic, there is more interest in sourcing products from different regions or closer to home, which translates into the need for more warehouse space. With the growth of online shopping, there is also a need for more local fulfillment centers. Interviewees felt that Atlantic Canada has an edge here, thanks to its affordability and access to major ports. According to Colliers, demand for high-quality industrial space in the second quarter of 2020 continued to hold firm, with the vacancy rate stable at 3. But the residential market could benefit in the coming months from low interest rates, although interviewees indicate that there are "a ton of condos" on the market. There also is some concern that recent strength in the residential market could reflect a temporary burst of activity that will take away from demand and sales of new homes in the months and years to come. While the housing market was hurting prior to the pandemic (starts fell to a 14-year low in 2019), falling inventories of unsold new homes and low interest rates could boost residential markets, says the Conference Board, and produce a modest increase in starts next year. As a result, the citywide impact has been minimal, experiencing a very small increase in vacancy over six months to 13. Homebuilders are still selling houses, although much of the activity stems from low borrowing costs and a trend of reverse urbanization. More rental units (both purpose-built and condominium) are expected to enter the market over the next two years, which will likely lead to increased vacancy rates.

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Lopez Colleen Durfee MarketOne Builders Wendy Nelson Bert Mathews Jody Moody Brad Carr Jamie Bryant Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Jeff Hite Justine Beran Logelin Nuveen Real Estate Brian Eby Jack Gay Jason Hernandez James Martha A spasms mouth order 50mg imitrex with mastercard. Denise Ashton Whelan Advisory Margaret Whelan 110 Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 Sponsoring Organizations PwC real estate practice assists real estate investment advisers muscle relaxant leg cramps purchase 100 mg imitrex free shipping, real estate investment trusts, public and private real estate investors, corporations, and real estate management funds in developing real estate strategies; evaluating acquisitions and dispositions; and appraising and valuing real estate. Its global network of dedicated real estate professionals enables it to assemble for its clients the most qualified and appropriate team of specialists in the areas of capital markets, systems analysis and implementation, research, accounting, and tax. The Urban Land Institute is a global, member-driven organization comprising more than 45,000 real estate and urban development professionals dedicated to advancing its mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Established in 1936, the Institute has a presence in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, with members in 80 countries. In 2019 alone, more than 2,443 events were held in about 332 cities around the world. Drawing on the work of its members, the Institute recognizes and shares best practices in urban design and development for the benefit of communities around the globe. Frank Magliocco Canadian Real Estate Leader Toronto, Ontario, Canada Craig Hughes Global Real Estate Leader London, U. So Asia Pacific Real Estate Leader Hong Kong, China Angus Johnston Global Real Estate Tax Leader European, Middle East & Africa Real Estate Leader London, U. Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021 What are the best bets for investment and development in 2021 This is especially the case because feasible and prudent alternatives currently exist to allow the continued transport of crude oil around the Great Lakes, not in the Great Lakes. Timm in the attached Technical Note referenced above: (a) Clean pipelines of all marine growth (biofouling) and conduct full external inspection to evaluate the extent of external corrosion and condition of the protective coating. A review of the original design calculations1 conducted by famed structural engineer, Dr. Salvadori additionally noted in his report that any unsupported span over 140 feet was dangerous and that the pipe should not be allowed to sag to a radius of curvature of less than 1750 feet during construction. These calculations did not anticipate or include loads on the pipe due to biofouling and the mussel growth that started after the opening of the St. A review of these documents also reveals that the possibility that currents would erode the supporting soil under the pipe leading to `washouts" was not considered. When the Straits sections of Line 5 were designed by Bechtel engineers, the engineering science of underwater pipeline design was in its infancy. Many design efforts involving short river crossings where the pipe is buried in the river bottom had proven successful but there was little experience with longer crossings where the pipe was placed on the bottom of a body of water without burial. In retrospect, the mis-estimation of the magnitude of currents under the Straits coupled with the lack of understanding about the soil entrainment processes that cause washouts can be seen as a fatal flaw in the design of the Line 5 Straits crossing. Although much has been published about the problem with washouts under Line 5 with resultant lack of support and easement violations, it does not appear that the mechanism causing this problem has been previously elucidated. Washouts occur because of currents that are fast enough to entrain soil particles and move them away from beneath the pipe. Figure 1, calculated from the Levillain3 equation, illustrates the extremely nonlinear nature of the soil entrainment process. This velocity is sufficient to entrain silt and small sand particles but is not capable of moving most soil particles. Because the Levillain equation is highly nonlinear, current speeds greater than this value have a disproportional impact on the size of soil particles that can be entrained and transported. A three mph current will entrain particles with diameters on the scale of a millimeter which includes typical lake bottom sand and a six mph current can transport small rocks with diameters on the order of one half inch. This knowledge leads to the conclusion that pipeline washouts occur during events that cause extreme currents which are most likely found in turbulent eddy flows resulting from exceptional weather events across the Great Lakes Basin. Table 1, taken from copies of the "as built" drawings of the two Straits legs of Line 5 updated through the 1979 underwater inspection4,5 shows a total of 17 spans that exceed the 75 foot maximum unsupported span distance and three spans that exceed the 140 foot structural damage threshold. In spite of all the non-compliances shown in Table 1 which was current as of January, 1980, Table 2 shows that no action was taken by Enbridge until 1987 to remedy this dangerous situation.

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