Research and Development



To be a leading private research institution so as to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society and remain a source of pride. To formulate appropriate solutions for human problems as well as support the livelihood of the society.


To promote the development of research activities involving innovative studies along with the development of creative and scholarly activities. To facilitate the planning and development of novel proposals to secure extra mural funding for proper execution research work; and To organize appropriate and systematic dissemination of the research work and scholarly achievements of the faculty members and research scholars.

Research Projects

Stay up to date with the research and projects we do at Lincoln College Of Science, Management & Technology.

Face-mask detector

Face Mask Detection Platform uses Artificial Network to recognize if a user is not wearing a mask.  The app can be connected to any existing or new IP mask detection cameras to detect people without a mask.

Auto door lock

This project presents a smart home controller that uses the Bluetooth in an Android device to control the operation of an automated security door system. The software was designed using an Android app that generates a password that is recognized by the Bluetooth to control the opening and closing of the door located at some distance from the user. The Bluetooth module that is installed on the door receives the commands from the android phone, and passes these commands to the microcontroller that controls the opening and closing of the door.

Journal Publications