Why you should study Software Engineering

As the world advances in technology, the demand for individuals skilled in building efficient software to be used in areas of application is on the rise. This is why software engineering remains a palatable and rewarding chose for a career path foe a very long time. However, the choice to study this course is not only about the money; Software engineering is a field that involves the application of computer science, mathematical and life principles, to the production of software. This can be done with a range of programming languages, on and for numerous operating systems. Going further, here are some of the reasons to study software engineering.

  1. Solving problems: A software engineer would often have to come up with solutions to tackle existing problems that the consumers are feed up with; in doing this, the engineer may have to break down the problem into smaller, less complex sub-tasks before conquering those smaller problems individually. It is also important to know tools would make the software development process easier and being able to use them effectively.
  2. Learning opportunities: As software engineering may have to build software for various disciplines, they have to familiarize themselves with the discipline-based concepts and also with the new technologies as to make the task easier. This in itself helps to broaden the horizon of the individual, making them more knowledgeable ultimately.
  3. Collaboration Skills: If working on a project as a team, a software engineers would have to communicate with others and share ideas, suggestions and even problems. Listening skills, tolerance, hard work, etc. are all the things that are needed in order for teams to work and share the set end goal. However, these can also be learned on the go as one collaborates with other people on the team.
  4. Relevance: It is no news that the world continues to tend towards a more software reliant era. In order to get there, the people with the skills to make complex software would never go out of relevance or run out of opportunities. Because of this, students of this course have high confidence that their degree would not render them valueless in this evolving world.
  5. Money: Since software engineers are one of the jobs on high demand in our present day and age, it is no surprise that it is also one of the top paying job in the technology industry. Base on work location, earnings range from an average of $80,000 to $100,000 per annul. There is no doubt that a career in this field would lead to one having a sustainable income that covers all ones need.
  6. Working Remotely: A lot of times, a career in software engineering allows you the flexibility of working remotely. Thus allows one to balance their personal and business life to suit their needs and also work under any situations that they find comfortable.

Though there are numerous reasons to pursue a career in this path, one should make sure that the passion to study the course is very paramount in the decision making.


Akinnuoye Caleb

Hadiza Idris